Surgical Suites (Operating Rooms) Redevelopment at the Kingston General Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Surgical Suites (Operating Rooms)

Fast Facts

  • More than 22,000 procedures in 2016, treating critical patients from Kingston, southeastern Ontario and beyond
  • The Surgical and perioperative team conducts more than 9,000 of southeastern Ontario’s most specialized surgeries every year
  • From 2016-2026, we anticipate a 15 percent increase in demand for surgery


Your support will help build new, sophisticated surgical suites to meet the complex and growing needs for the best medical care.

  • KHSC’s KGH site has the oldest operating suites in the province that are still in use.
  • Current suites are not designed for today’s fully –computerized surgical environments.
  • Electrical ventilation systems need upgrading. Ceiling and physical space does not accommodate surgical staff, equipment and medical students in training.
  • Current facilities are not designed for what we now know are the best infection control practices.

Our Vision

  • The current estimated cost for the redevelopment project at KHSC’s KGH site is over $500 million.
  • Modern operating rooms that are much bigger will allow us to begin to use new and innovative technology in the future such as robotic surgical techniques.
  • Flexible spaces will allow us to perform procedures in other spaces which will free up traditional operating rooms for patients that need them.
  • Our new ORs will be located right above our new Emergency Department and will be designed to quickly move trauma patients from the Emergency Department to the Operating room.
  • More comfortable waiting spaces will improve the patient and family experience, for those waiting for loved ones to return from surgery.
  • 35 per cent larger than today’s department – building a new area for delivery of Perioperative Care.

“We see women from across the region with gynecologic issues that have a significant impact on their quality of life. We have the expertise to help them, but our current surgical spaces don’t easily support the kind of minimally invasive surgical techniques ideally suited to address their health issues. New operating suites will allow us to offer a broader and more innovative range of solution to our patients. And better access to minimally invasive care will create capacity to treat more women.”- Dr. Shawna Johnston, Program Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KHSC

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