Staff Giving Options - Employee Giving

As employee at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care, we live, care and give in our community. We care for our patients, clients, and residents and support their loved ones, making sure they have quality care and exceptional experiences every day. And – unlike in bigger cities – we often know them. They are the people who taught our kids, the familiar faces from the grocery store or even a member of our own family.

In the past decade, donations from community members and employees have dramatically improved our care spaces. Generous gifts built a new cancer centre, new outpatient clinics and Providence Care Hospital.

They have helped hundreds of hospital employees enjoy educational experiences and pursue innovative research. And these donations have bought new patient care equipment that’s allowed us to offer a better care experience to people we know and care about.

The gifts we make as employees can go a long way. Every donation can help to create better care experiences and a better work environment for all of us. This is our opportunity to invest in the future of our hospitals and programs, and the people right here in our community who we care for.

Payroll Deduction

A gift by payroll deduction is a great way to help us continue to support the needs at KHSC and Providence Care.

Donate Now

Start your gift today by submitting your form to UHKF in one of the following ways:

  • Send through internal mail to UHKF, 55 Rideau Street, Suite 4
  • Send through email to

If you have any questions please or call us at 613-549-5452

Your end of year T4 will reflect your charitable giving for the previous calendar year which can be used for income tax purposes.

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