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The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation is pleased to host the Staff Lottery, raising funds to support patient care at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care. 

Every two weeks, two lucky staff members will be drawn at random to receive a cheque; one for $1,000, and another for $500.  The cost to participate in the Staff Lottery is $5 every two weeks, and is open to all employees, physicians, associated staff and registered volunteers at KHSC and Providence Care.

To join the staff lottery

Enrollment forms can be sent via inter-office mail to: UHKF, 55 Rideau St. Once you are enrolled, you do not have to re-enroll for any special draws or every year. You will be entered until you fill out the withdraw form below.

Draws take place at 1:00 p.m. every second Wednesday. The draws will take place at the UHKF office at 55 Rideau Street and are open to the public to attend. Winning names or ticket numbers are posted here. If you are having any issues with the PDF version of the form, please email foundation@uhkf.ca and we will send a form via inter-office mail.

Lottery Licence # 842668

Rules and Regulations

Staff Lottery-Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, a full list of rules and regulations is provided with the enrollment form.

  • Who can join the staff lottery?

    The staff lottery is voluntary and open to all employees, physicians, staff, and registered volunteers at KHSC and Providence Care.

  • How much is it to enroll?

    Kingston Health Sciences Centre (Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital) and Providence Care will provide payroll deduction to employees who wish to enroll in the voluntary Staff Lottery. A total of five dollars is deducted from each pay.

    Non-salaried employees, registered volunteers and associated employees are eligble to participate in the Staff Lottery by purchasing their tickets directly from University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) by means of cheque or cash in the amount of one hundred and thirty dollars ($130) which represents 12 months’ participation. Enrolment through this process will be continuous until the tickets paid for have run out.

  • Will I receive a charitable receipt?

    No, because the purchase involves the chance to win a prize, ticket purchases are not considered a charitable donation.

  • How many tickets are printed?

    A set number of tickets will not be printed. Only tickets sold will be entered in the draw. That is if 2,000 tickets are sold, each ticket holder will have a 1 in 2,000 chance to win each draw. There must be 400 tickets sold for any given draw for UHKF to continue the lottery.

  • When and where will the draws take place?

    Draws will be held on Wednesday of every pay week at UHKF office (55 Rideau Street) at 1:00pm and are open to the public in accordance to all Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario guidelines.

  • What does the money get used for?

    Funds from the staff lottery will be shared by KHSC and Providence Care and directed back in support of patient care.

  • How do I know if I am a winner?

    All winners will be notified in person or by telephone. Photos or ticket numbers of bi-weekly winners are posted on the UHKF website within a few days of the draw. Prize winners may also be listed on the intranet.

  • How do I collect my winnings?

    Winners will be surprised and presented with their prize in a form of a cheque in a timely manner, the winners names and photos may also be used on social media and communication channels by UHKF, KHSC and Providence Care.

  • Can I win more than once?

    Yes, one ticket is eligible for all draws schedule after the time of purchase. Only one ticket may be purchased by an eligible staff member for each draw.

  • Can I enter more than once per draw?”

    No, each staff member is only able to enter once per draw (to a maximum of $5.00 deduction per draw). If you are employed at multiple participating hospitals, you may only enter from one of the participating hospitals.

  • Who will be making the draw?

    A staff member of the UHKF will randomly select the winner. UHKF staff members are ineligible to participate in the staff lottery. This person will have no other involvement with the lottery.

Payroll Deduction Questions

  • How much is the payroll deduction?

    Payroll deduction is a $5.00 deduction from each pay cheque.

  • What if my employment status changes?

    Any changes in employment status will reflect a change in payment schedules. In the case that someone who wishes to enroll in the Lottery does not have sufficient funds on their cheque to be deducted for the Staff Lottery, their name will NOT be placed in that particular draw. Staff will also be excluded from the draw during unpaid periods, but will not be automatically withdrawn from the lottery.

    If someone provides an invalid payment (NSF cheque, etc.), they are ineligible for the prize, even if their name is drawn.

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