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Bringing the voices of our generations to the future of local health care.

The mission of the YGK Healthcare Champions is to inspire value aligned leaders to raise funds in support of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care. 

The goal of the YGK Healthcare Champions is to develop in professionals and business leaders, interest, participation, leadership and financial support for the hospitals and their programs.  

Why get Involved?

Decide: Use your vote to determine how and where the collective investment will make a meaningful difference.

Access:  You’ll hear from world-class doctors, researchers and medical leaders on breakthroughs and discoveries through behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Network: Connect with a diverse group of value aligned business and community leaders.

Impact: You’ll hear from the physician or researcher leading the selected project on what was accomplished through your investment.

Invitation: Receive special invitation to the YGK Healthcare Champions fundraising event.

"There are any number of reasons we, or a loved one, may need our hospitals. I hope you will consider joining YGK Healthcare Champions to help ensure incredible care continues here in Kingston, having a little fun along the way."
- Greg Brown, YGK Healthcare Champion Member.


Since 2020, the YGK Healthcare Champions have raised over $220,000 to purchase Vcreate technology for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Kingston General Hospital site.

What is Vcreate?

A secure video technology that helps patients, families and clinical teams stay connected through their care journey.

“We feel that this tool will enhance the partnerships between the NICU team and the families that we care for. It is a platform through which we can record and share content in the care environment and share with families in a way that keeps them connected to their baby even when they are not at the bedside.”
- Damiano Loricchio, Program Operational Director, Women and Children’s Programs, at KHSC.


The YGK Healthcare Champions monthly membership is $20 (a one-year commitment) and it will give you access to three networking and educational events.

Join the YGK Healthcare Champions today!

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