Legacy Giving Options - Endowments

Send a powerful message about what matters most to you through an Endowment Fund to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) 

Whether it is a corporate donor funding education awards to support healthcare excellence, or a family wishing to create a stable source of annual funding for the community’s most urgent needs, endowment funds send a powerful message to the community about what matters most to our donors. 

When you create an endowment fund with the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, your charitable investment will never be spent and will continue to provide much-needed funding year after year. 

Depending on how it is structured, your endowment can also enable the UHKF to work with local healthcare partners to invest strategically—leveraging matched funds from both public and private sources whenever possible—when new investments must be made. 

Large or small, endowments can be the backbone of an academic health sciences centre, like ours, where transformational funding for research, education, equipment and facilities are part of Kingston’s rich philanthropic tradition. 

How to Give

Contact us directly for more information or discuss it with your financial or legal advisor. Either way you need to decide what you want your legacy to be and how much you can afford to give now. You should also explore how your estate can add to your endowment.

We Can Help

For more information or a confidential discussion, contact UHKF at 613-549-5452 or email foundation@uhkf.ca.

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