Emergency Department (ED) Redevelopment at the Kingston General Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Emergency Department (ED)

Fast facts

  • 60,000 emergency visits in 2016-2017
  • From 2016 to 2026 – expected to see a 21 per cent increase in emergency department visits
  • 38 per cent more inpatient admissions


Extraordinary need requires an extraordinary response. Modern, innovative emergency facilities will help save more lives and meet the growing demand.

  • More than 30 per cent of people in need of care at the KHSC’s KGH site arrive by ambulance.
  • We serve over 500,000 people in southeastern Ontario and beyond.
  • Every moment counts – many need life-saving or critical care – every moment it takes for paramedic to deliver a patient to the care team matters.
  • Open 24 hours/seven days a week.

Our Vision

  • The current estimated cost for the redevelopment project at KHSC’s KGH site is over $500 million.
  • KHSC’s new Emergency Department(ED) will double the size, allowing us to better meet the emergency care needs of southeastern Ontario.
  • The new ED will be a more patient friendly and senior friendly space, incorporating modern design will allow us to see patients more efficiently and quickly as well as improve privacy for patients and families.
  • KHSC is the Trauma Centre for Southeastern Ontario and the new space will include bigger trauma bays which will allow our health-care teams to care in the moments it matters the most.
  • Our new ED will include a state-of-the-art satellite imaging suite which will allow for patients to undergo diagnostic tests such as x-rays without ever having to leave the department.

Far-reaching and lasting impact

  • A leading-edge mental health emergency services unit.
  • Proposed 50 treatment areas/spaces mean 25 per cent more beds to reduce wait times. Reducing wait times.

“We want to provide our patients – particularly those who are vulnerable, who are frail, and who are older – with a better experience of emergency department care. We have a team with world-class skills and immense passion. In the cramped and dated space in which we operate, we’ve made many measurable improvements in the past few years, through retraining, resourcefulness, process redesign, changes in patient flow and sheer determination.” – Dr. David Messenger, Department Head, Emergency Medicine, KHSC

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