Clinical Laboratories Redevelopment at the Kingston General Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Clinical Laboratories

Fast facts

  • Clinical laboratories serve all of Kingston hospitals and a growing number of hospitals in our region
  • 8 million tests per year
  • 80 per cent (estimated) of clinical decisions are based upon information derived from laboratory test results


Numbers don’t lie. The rate of increase in testing demands is outstripping current resources.

  • Presently, the labs – pathology, genetics, biochemistry, hematology and microbiology – are spread out over six crowded, cluttered stories in the Douglas Wing (circa 1950).
  • Every day, lab staff makes decisions about how to work around the limitations of the space which makes collaboration challenging in this kind of environment.
  • In 2011, our labs completed 5 million tests. In 2017 it has inflated to approximately 8 million tests per year.
  • Over the next 10 years, this number is anticipated to increase to 11 million lab tests per year.
  • The testing is for KHSC patients, as well as a growing roster of regional patients. More specialized testing is being done for other hospitals in our region.

Our Vision

  • The current estimated cost for the redevelopment project at KHSC’s KGH site is over $500 million.
  • Space for enhanced automation.
  • Improve ability to recruit the best laboratory technologists.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • 65 per cent larger footprint. Redevelopment will bring our labs, spread across several floors in the current Douglas building, into a larger space. It will be a better environment for the lab team and will provide room for state-of-the-art technology that will assist our staff in getting quality, accurate results into the hands of care team members as quickly as possible.

“Every year our team carries out more than 8 million diagnostic tests for patients in our hospitals and from the region. Our highest aspiration, as the lab team is to provide our physicians with the fastest, most accurate, customized information about each patient’s condition so they will know the most effective course of treatment. New clinical diagnostic laboratories will move us rapidly forward in our capacity to achieve this.” – Joyce Devette-McPhail, Administrative Director, Clinical Laboratory Services, KHSCHealth Sciences Centre

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