Personal Story - Honour Your Caregiver Recognition

An Honour Your Caregiver (HYC) gift is a wonderful way to show appreciation for the staff at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care while providing much needed funding for equipment, education, research, facilities and more. When staff or a care team are recognized, they receive a certificate of gratitude for having made a difference in someone’s life.

Margaret Thomson and her family donated through the HYC program to show their appreciation for the staff on Lakeview 1, a rehabilitation unit at Providence Care Hospital.

Paul Thomson, Margaret’s son, also wrote a letter to the staff. The following is the touching letter he wrote:

“It is with the most sincere thoughts and thanks that our family is making this donation to both memorialize my father, Bob (Thomson), and to extend both thanks and recognition of the staff on Lakeview 1. They provided so much care and love for my dad during his stay as a rehab patient, and during those final six days after he became palliative when I had the pleasure of joining him 24/7.

“You are a remarkable team of folks. Whether it be Patrick personally checking in on my dad each day as he tidied up his room or the many PSWs, who worked with the nursing staff, to keep him looking spiffy – everyone played a role in both his rehab and then his comfort. Both Jennifer (McKenzie) and Heather (Fairbairn) made incredible strides with dad during his therapy sessions. Paula from PT kept him smiling and working hard so he could, as he put it, ‘go home to be with Margaret.’ Panja (Mathis), you are the, often unseen, glue that keeps all this moving forward and I know families would be lost without your patience and support.

“I would be remiss to not make specific mention of the tireless efforts, compassion and support from the nursing staff. It was enormous not only during dad’s recovery period but throughout his final days.

“On a personal note, the conversations, chats and most of all, the hugs made one of the toughest weeks of my life not only better but uplifting and inspirational. I started trying to come up with a list of names, however, I know I would inevitably leave somebody out. Needless to say, you all did your very, very best.

“I want to thank Mary Frances (Irving) for sending me the following on behalf of all of you on October 3 (the day he passed):

‘…thank you again for allowing us to look after your wonderful father, he was a true gentleman and always put a smile on our faces.’

“I can’t think of a better example of leadership and mentoring. You are all fortunate to have each other as colleagues.

 “Finally, on behalf of my wife, Dana, my mom, Margaret, and me, I want to thank all of you for your professionalism and simple down to earth decency. So often, these qualities are lacking and even more often, we fail to recognize their value. As all of you who looked after my dad, Bob, observed every single day, he never missed the opportunity to say thank you and I know if he were here, that would be the first thing he would say to all of you. I am honoured to say it on his behalf – thank you!”