Blog - HYC Profile: Dr. Martin Korzeniowski

Dr. Martin Korzeniowski is a Radiation Oncologist with KHSC and a two-time recipient of an Honour Your Caregiver (HYC) certificate, a program of the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) where grateful patients can give back to our hospitals while also acknowledging the excellent care they received.

Dr. Korzeniowski’s most recent HYC certificate was awarded on Monday, May 27. A little under two years ago “Dr. K.” as many people call him, returned to Kingston, where he completed his residency, after concluding a one-year fellowship in British Columbia. Today, at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Dr. K. is excited to be able to offer his patients world-class choices, one of which is prostate brachytherapy. “Patients often tell me how amazing it is,” he says, “to have such incredible treatment, close to home.”
In addition to being a proud doctor, Martin is a proud father who made sure to get a photo of the HYC certificate presentation on his own phone, to show his son, Thomas, now six. “He’ll think this is fantastic!”
Late last year, Thomas Korzeniowski joined UHKF’s small but growing number of young philanthropists who are using their creativity and ingenuity to inspire the community to support health care. “Thomas woke up one day,” says his dad, “and told us he wanted to raise money for the hospital.” Thanks to the youthful initiative—and some pretty delicious pumpkin bread, by all accounts—Thomas’ fall bake sale was a huge success, and raised $215 for KHSC’s NICU and Pediatrics to “help sick kids, and babies, too.”
The Korzeniowskis are a one-of-a-kind father-and-son team who show us what is possible when excellent care and generous hearts come together to make healthcare better for everyone.
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