Blog - Donors Thank Local Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. This includes healthcare workers at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care, whose lives have been significantly impacted. Despite this, teams have displayed a resourceful and collaborative spirit that has been nothing short of inspirational.

The Kingston community has rallied together to show their gratitude towards their local healthcare heroes by offering gifts through the Sprinkle Some Joy initiative, as well as donations through the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF).

Sprinkle Some Joy was set up in 2020. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our grateful community, gift cards, meal vouchers and other donated items were given away weekly to staff through randomized draws.

Donor and UHKF volunteer Richard Kizell raised $21,600 through his own network. Gifts from Richard’s initiative include “Thank You” banners placed at strategic locations inside KHSC and Providence Care healthcare sites, as well as items contributing towards staff comfort and wellbeing.

“I wanted to recognize the hard work of our local healthcare workers who have helped to keep our community safe,” says Richard. “It’s vital Kingston’s healthcare sites have access to funds so they can be responsive to staff needs during these challenging times. I’m so grateful to my friends and colleagues who contributed.”

“This donation comes at a time when staff need a boost to their morale,” says Elizabeth Bardon, Vice President Mission and Strategy Integration and Support Services at KHSC. “The banners of appreciation bring cheer to staff every time they come into work!”

Nine resident artists from the Creativity Studios in the Tett Centre also wanted to show their support. They collectively donated pieces of art to the tireless workers at KHSC and Providence Care. It is their hope the beauty of the artwork will symbolize the gratitude of the Kingston community.

Whether it is generous donations of funds, gift cards, thank you banners, pieces of artwork or more, the impact these gifts have on local healthcare workers cannot be overstated.

“The gifts represent a reminder to staff the community is behind them and grateful for their dedicated work,” says Micki Mulima, Director of Leadership and Talent Development at KHSC and Providence Care. “Thank you to Richard, the Tett Centre’s resident artists and all community donors who have generously donated in support of Kingston’s hardworking healthcare workers. This generosity and thoughtfulness makes a huge difference to staff comfort and morale during these challenging times.”