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Women's Giving Circle is in support of research at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KGH and HDH) and Providence Care.

We can do more together than as individuals and desire to have a real impact on health care in the Kingston region.

Many important research projects can’t be implemented without funding. We have come together to support the brilliant and creative minds working within KHSC and Providence Care.

“Research today for better health care tomorrow.”

How it works

You – Join the Women’s Giving Circle by paying an annual fee of either $500 (if you’re over 40) or $250 (if you’re under 40)

Together – Your membership fee is pooled with the fees of all of our members. Together, we vote for local research projects to fund.

Making a Difference – Once per year, we grant funds (our collective membership fees) to support healthcare research in Kingston.

What we’ve accomplished

Since 2013, we have raised over $270,000 that has funded more than 10 different research projects in Kingston including:

  • The early detection of myeloid cancers in aging adults (2013)
  • Control of salmonella infection of the gastrointestinal tract (2015)
  • Individually tailed treatments to fight depression (2016)

What some of our members have to say…

“I love the fact that 100 per cent of your donation to the Women’s Giving Circle stays in Kingston directly supporting Kingston’s medical research.” – Patty Petkovich

“ Being a member of the Women’s Giving Circle combines philanthropy, engaging the future of health care in our community, and lunching with friends. I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary group of women.” – Shannon Bennett-Parisotto

“Research is the way to ensure innovation and progress in medicine – in practical applications and in the treatment of disease.” – Evelyn Maizen

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