YGK Healthcare Champions Raising Funds for Rehabilitation Therapy Centre

YGK Healthcare Champions Raising Funds for Rehabilitation Therapy Centre  Image

Providence Care physiotherapist Samantha Rancourt, who works in rehabilitative care at Providence Care Hospital, knows helping people learn to stand and walk again can be life changing. 
“Everybody wants to walk. That's pretty much all of our patients' goals. It's something they look forward to and it means so much to them,” Samantha says. “So my philosophy is to get them on their feet as early and safely as I can.” 

It can be difficult and overwhelming for a patient taking their first step after a stroke or major car accident. So it’s important to have the proper equipment to ensure they can regain their mobility safely.  
While Providence Care Hospital opened in 2017 and has many modern features, some of the equipment in the Rehabilitation Therapy Centre came from the former St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital. Many pieces are aging and in need of repair or replacing.  
For example, a special walking apparatus with two adjustable parallel bars (for patients to hold as they relearn to walk) is in need of repair, with only one rail adjustable. The equipment is so dated, the manufacturer no longer carries replacement parts to fix it. Other examples of assistive rehabilitative equipment needed in the clinic include a sit-to-stand assist trainer, mini staircases with adjustable handrails and universal gym equipment (such as step machines and treadmills). 
Fortunately, the YGK Healthcare Champions are stepping up to help. 
Led by their executive committee of Emma Fitzgerald, Greg Brown, Heather Shortall and Chelsea Loutsenko, the Champions are a group of leaders whose goal is to develop interest, participation and financial support for the Kingston hospitals and their programs.   
They have selected Providence Care Hospital’s Rehabilitation Therapy Centre to be the beneficiary of their next major fundraiser – an inaugural golf tournament on August 22 at the Loyalist Golf and Country Club in Bath.  
The Champions committee has set a goal of raising $50,000. 
Greg knows firsthand the benefits of having the community support health-care projects. Greg was diagnosed with cancer and – thanks to support from donors – equipment was available for him to do chemotherapy treatments at his home. 
“Having a young family at home to support me made a huge difference when I was going through those last few treatments. Today, I am happy to be able to give back and help others,” says Greg.  
Providence Care Rehabilitative Services Program Manager Janna Dolphin is grateful for the support of the YGK Healthcare Champions, noting that community support is essential for her department. 
Many people think health care is 100 per cent publicly funded but Janna says that is a misconception. 
“We don't have the funds to buy all the new equipment we need,” says Janna about the rehab centre which sees about 12,000 people per year, including inpatients of the hospital and outpatients from the community. “So we work with our community partners like the YGK Healthcare Champions to help us provide compassionate, respectful and dignified care to our patients.” 
Anyone interested in entering the August 22 golf tournament or providing sponsorship can contact Krista Lessard (613-549-5452 ext. 5917 or krista.lessard@UHKF.ca) or Heather Shortall (613-328-5175 or hs@royallepage.ca). 
The YGK Healthcare Champions are always looking for new members. Please consider joining the YGK Healthcare Champions (for only $20 a month) if you are interested in networking with business leaders and having a say in the future of health care in southeastern Ontario. 
Visit the YGK Healthcare Champions page for more details.