Community Donors Rally in Support of Napanee Dialysis Patients

Community Donors Rally in Support of Napanee Dialysis Patients Image

Today, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) celebrates a gift of $16,175—$11,175 from 100 Women Who Care Lennox & Addington, and $5,000 from L&A Mutual Insurance Co.—in support of new dialysis chairs for Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) Napanee Dialysis Unit.

“When the Napanee satellite clinic opened in November 2016 the dialysis chairs were re-purposed from the Kingston renal dialysis satellite unit and are now more than 10 years old,” says Brenda Carter, Chief of Quality and Clinical Transformation/Regional Vice-President, South East Regional Cancer Program, KHSC, “Every week these chairs see 18 patients for hours at a time which can lead to a decline in the quality and comfort of the chairs. Now, as a result of this generous support we will be able to purchase chairs that will offer enhanced care, comfort and functionality for both patients and our staff. This gift from 100 Women Who Care and L&A Mutual is a great example of the power of community philanthropy in action.”

At the September, 2019 meeting of 100 Women who Care Lennox and Addington, members voted to support the purchase of new chairs for the Napanee Renal Dialysis Clinic. Amy Mack, one of the charitable group’s leading ladies says, “The impact we can have right here in our own community is overwhelming. I am incredibly proud of what these women have done.” Since the first meeting in June, 2016, 100 Women who Care L&A have donated nearly/more than $152,900 to support charitable causes in Lennox and Addington County.

Mike Salmon, President, L&A Mutual Insurance Co. says the Board is pleased to be able to throw its support behind this initiative. “We were inspired by the 100 Women Who Care and hope that our gift will, in turn, inspire others as the community becomes more aware of the need for new equipment at the dialysis clinic and the impact on quality of life it will have for Napanee patients.”
With an intravenous hook-up to a dialysis machine at the Napanee Dialysis Clinic—one of five like it serving the South East Region—patients must remain seated for the duration of treatment in highly specialized medical chairs, built for safety, durability, and comfort. The condition of the dialysis chairs makes a big difference in the quality of care.
“Seven new chairs are required, in total, at a cost of approximately $5,000 each,” says Carter, “The support of 100 Women Who Care L&A, and L&A Mutual Insurance Co. will go a long way toward making sure that the Napanee clinic is the best-equipped it can be, on an ongoing basis. And that accessibility, patient comfort and infection control remain top priorities.”
According to the Kidney Foundation of Canada, living with this disease can present tremendous challenges to patients and their caregivers, including significant physical discomfort, emotional distress, financial difficulties, and major lifestyle changes. Local dialysis units, like the one at the Westdale Complex in Napanee, will continue to be one of several important options for sufferers of kidney disease for the foreseeable future.

About KHSC’s Regional Renal Dialysis Program 
At KHSC, patients are served by a strong focus on collaborative and innovative approaches to care which includes the South East Regional Renal Program. Services range from pre-dialysis care for those whose kidneys are starting to fail to kidney transplantation, as well as dialysis in patients’ homes and in satellite clinics across the region, and other specialized services. According to the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the number of Canadians living with end-stage kidney disease has grown 35 per cent since 2008, and 46 per cent of new patients are under the age of 65. Unfortunately, these statistics are only expected to rise in the coming years. People who receive dialysis typically have 3 to 4 treatments a week for the rest of their lives unless they are eligible to receive a kidney transplant.