Blog - Inspiring Legacy Gift Supports Palliative Care at Providence Care Hospital

Providence Care Hospital was honoured this year when they received an unexpected donation in support of palliative care. John Vogelzang’s mother and father, the late Peter and Sylvia Vogelzang (pictured) had both received care there. Following his father’s wishes and on behalf of the Vogelzang Charitable Foundation, John made a gift of $100,000 to support palliative care at Providence Care Hospital. 

 “The legacy provided to Providence Continuing Care Centre, Palliative Care Unit, was given by the Vogelzang Charitable Foundation in appreciation for the excellent care, and compassion from the staff that my father and mother received while in their care,” says John Vogelzang. 

 “From the family’s perspective, it was important that they were treated respectfully during the last months of life. The thoughtfulness of the staff, communication and guidance with the family in all aspects of his care was valued during this difficult time. As a consequence of this, the donation was made to pay forward the gratefulness Peter and Sylvia, as well as our family, felt.”

This legacy gift allowed the hospital to purchase special pressure relief mattresses to enhance future palliative care patient comfort. Providing the highest level of comfort is the priority for patients and their families, and this gift will ensure that this is possible.

In appreciation of this gift, UHKF was honoured to organize naming recognition in the Palliative Care Unit, Heritage 2, at Providence Care Hospital.

“I can’t thank the Vogelzang Charitable Foundation enough for its extremely generous gift. It was a privilege for our teams to care for John Vogelzang’s mother and father,” says Cathy Szabo, Providence Care’s President and CEO. “We know how stressful it is for a family with a loved one who is nearing the end of their life. Our commitment is to provide compassionate, respectful care and also support families to take some of their stress away. This donation ensures our palliative care teams can continue to do that. Thank you for entrusting us with your parent’s care and for this incredible gift.”

The Vogelzang Charitable Foundation’s gift is transforming the future of health care in our community!