Personal Story - Audrey's Story: Care That Matters to You

Audrey Brown was a speech language pathologist at Providence Care, who worked primarily with helping people who have had stroke with their speech recovery as well as with being able to swallow. One day in early September 2013, Audrey herself experienced a stroke while working with one of her clients.

While her patient urged her to get help, Audrey didn’t think anything was seriously wrong. The phone rang and an alert colleague noticed that something wasn’t right with Audrey. An emergency code was called and she on her way to Kingston General Hospital.

Thanks to the skilled care of teams at KHSC and Providence Care, Audrey fully recovered and is now living her dream as a gourmet chocolatier.

“Because of the quick and skilled response of my colleagues at Providence Care and KGH, I never doubted the capable hands on whom my health and well-being depended,” she says.  “Knowing the warning signs of a stroke is only half the battle. Even a seasoned medical professional can miss the obvious warning signs.”