Hospital Foundation Recognizes Contributions from Philanthropists and Volunteers

Hospital Foundation Recognizes Contributions from Philanthropists and Volunteers Image

The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) celebrated a few of Kingston’s outstanding philanthropists and volunteers at a small, private awards ceremony.

Every year, UHKF accepts nominations from the community for the Davies Award for Philanthropic Leadership and the Ian Wilson Award for Volunteerism, and, new as of last year, the Sister Dorothy Fournier Award for Volunteerism. The recipients of the awards are chosen by the UHKF Board of Directors.

The Davies Award for Philanthropic Leadership first presented by Kingston philanthropists, Michael and Elaine Davies, through the Kingston General Hospital Foundation, in honour of its 25th anniversary in 2005. Recipients of the Davies Award are individuals, organizations and community groups who have demonstrated outstanding philanthropic leadership benefitting Kingston’s healthcare facilities and ultimately, the care of our families, friends and neighbours in southeastern Ontario. This year’s recipient is the Rose of Hope.

“There are a lot of hearts and hands that come together to bring the Rose of Hope golf tournament to life. We all take pride in the Rose of Hope,” says Sherri McCullough, Rose of Hope Chair and award recipient. “We are excited about the developments at KHSC. We are going to be able to offer a new, state-of-the-art facility for breast cancer care. The funds the Rose of Hope raised will go towards equipment—first-of-its-kind in Canada—which will save a lot of lives. On behalf of the Rose of Hope committee and its members, we thank UHKF and the Davies Charitable Foundation for this award.”

The Rose of Hope committee with Caroline Davies (front row, centre-right).

The Rose of Hope

The visionary women behind the Rose of Hope golf tournament have raised nearly $2.5 million during their 23-year commitment to improving the diagnosis and care for women with breast cancer in the Kingston region. In 2018, the Rose of Hope committee signed a five-year pledge to raise $500,000 which they completed in 2020, two years ahead of schedule and during a pandemic. Thanks to Rose of Hope, and other generous donors, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is now constructing a new Breast Assessment Centre which will elevate local breast cancer services to a new level of sophistication, significantly reducing wait times and providing a state-of-the-art environment for patients. The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) is grateful for the continued passion and outstanding leadership shown by Rose of Hope as they support access to quality health care for those in the community that need it most.

The Ian Wilson Award for Volunteerism in Fundraising was established in 2011 at the close of the “Together We Can” campaign to honour individuals who, like Ian Wilson, set themselves apart by their incredible commitment, their undying enthusiasm, and the sheer number of hours they devote to their volunteer roles on behalf of UHKF and our healthcare organizations. Recipients are volunteers who demonstrate outstanding efforts in the solicitation of donations benefitting our healthcare facilities through an event, organized campaign or informal activity.This year’s recipient is John Armitage.

“Any award that has Ian Wilson’s name on it is an honour,” says John Armitage, Ian Wilson award recipient. “Over the years when I thought I gave all the time I could give, UHKF and the community have convinced me otherwise. Janice, my wife, my family and myself have benefitted from our local hospitals over the years. I had major surgery and I believe I wouldn’t be here today without it – all thanks to the exceptional care at KHSC. We now need to raise significant funds for the KGH tower. It’s another big ask of our community, but we have a community like no other in Ontario, and I am eager to help support this project.”

Ian Wilson (left) and John Armitage (right).

John Armitage

For over three decades, John Armitage has volunteered when it counted the most. His ability to open doors and make new healthcare champions in the construction industry and the local business community is unparalleled. Despite a busy career in construction and family commitments he has once again volunteered as fundraising champion. John has been the recipient of excellent health care at the Kingston Hospitals, and he appreciates the important role they play in making Kingston a great place for families and professionals to live and do business. UHKF is lucky to have John Armitage in its corner as the Foundation embarks on an ambitious capital campaign for the next phase of redevelopment at Kingston’s hospitals.

Last year, UHKF established the Sister Dorothy Fournier Award for Volunteerism to recognize the outstanding contribution of long-time UHKF volunteer, Sister Dorothy (“Sister D”). The award is granted to an individual, organization or community group who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer commitment by dedicating their time to UHKF in support of work efforts, event preparation and mission moments, all to benefit health care in Kingston.This year’s recipient is Jessica Hutchings.

“We are so happy and grateful we can volunteer and share our story about my daughter’s, Spencer-Elizabeth, birth and long NICU stay with the community,” says Jessica Hutchings, award recipient. “Without the fundraising, hospital staff and volunteers, Spencer-Elizabeth and I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you for this award!”

At the awards ceremony, Spencer-Elizabeth, with her quiet yet powerful voice, added she was thankful and proudly acknowledged she “helps the babies.”

Marie Mackenzie, UHKF staff member (left), Jessica Hutchings (centre), Spencer-Elizabeth Hutchings (right).

Jessica Hutchings

Jessica Hutchings and her daughter, Spencer-Elizabeth, have been dedicated volunteers since 2018. The story of Spencer-Elizabeth’s birth, long NICU stay and countless other specialist appointments at KHSC, has inspired donors to contribute nearly $334,000 collectively through UHKF. Support for our partner sites is more than just giving gifts, it’s also coming together wherever possible to inspire the community and share the great work that both KHSC and Providence Care do. As volunteers Jessica and Spencer-Elizabeth have logged countless hours over the last two years—meeting with Foundation staff, attending media events, being interviewed for stories, appearing for photo and video opportunities, and more. Jessica’s support has helped UHKF raise mission-critical funds and showcase a truly inspirational care story with the community at large. Jessica truly embodies the spirit of a grateful patient and family member, and demonstrates outstanding volunteer commitment.

Congratulations to this year's recipients!